Bursary Report Guidelines

Bursary reports are usually for publication on the MPG website following the recipient’s trip/event.

This type of report needs to be factual and interesting to a broad spectrum of readers and contain eye-catching visuals.

Reports should contain:

  • Trip/ event title, date, location, name of bursary recipient (report author)
  • Bulleted aims and objectives of the bursary recipient
  • Reports should be at least 1500 – 2500 words and may include plant lists. Reports on the website written by horticulturists such as Spring flowers in the Peloponnese can be referred to as an example.
  • Photographs, diagrams, maps, links to video clips (any/all that are relevant to trip/event) – captions

Reports should be:

  • Carefully checked and edited before submission and follow botanical nomenclature protocol
  • Created as a Word document or if using another word processor saved in RTF or TXT format
  • Should not use any special formatting such as bullets, bold or italic unless required for accurate plant naming – just simple text divided into paragraphs
  • Photos/maps etc should be attached, separately, in JPG format with captions – don’t include them in the text except perhaps as thumbnails to indicate where you would like them placed – although note that the position may change during the subsequent editing process to make the document suitable for the web
  • Images must be a minimum of 800 x 800 pixels, not exceeding 2MB each; captions should be short
  • Submitted no later than one calendar month after returning from the trip/event by email to bursary@medpag.org.
  • A printed copy will not be required

Please note that:

  • If a bursary report is used or published elsewhere in part, or as a whole, MPG should be credited with granting the bursary and a link to the report on the MPG website should be added
  • Extracts from the report may also be used on social media with a link to the full report on the web
  • A separate note should be provided for the committee stating whether the bursary recipient felt his/her aims and objectives were achieved and whether there were extra/surprising outcomes
  • An educational element in the report will be particularly appreciated