All participants on all MPG trips must confirm they have read and agree to the Terms set out below.


MPG is an association of like-minded individuals interested in Mediterranean plants and gardens, with members organising events and tours for other members on a mutually supportive basis.  It is not a tour operator and trips are open only to members of MPG and its sister organisations. Trips are organised by members and for members, in the spirit MPG was founded, namely so that members can help each other finding and learning about plants and/or gardens, and exploring places that may be special. We run things at break-even, work being done mainly by volunteers.

Events are subject to alteration due to the weather, personal circumstances of guides or garden owners, and other circumstances which can’t be controlled.  Members organising events on behalf of and/or for the benefit of members cannot be held liable for any claims.

Please ensure you have suitable sturdy footwear for a visit and be aware that the ground may be uneven and even slippery in certain conditions, so extra care and time should be taken.  Consider bringing walking poles if necessary.  If you require medications please ensure you carry these with you, in your carry-on rather than checked luggage. ​Trips vary in the amount of physical fitness required, and medical facilities are variable and can be very costly.  If you have any doubts about your fitness, you should consult your own medical advisor.

To participate in an event outside the UK, or in the UK if you are not UK-resident, you must have in place comprehensive travel insurance  with ‘independent traveller’ cover. ​

Covid 19

​MPG recognises that in some cases the Terms and Conditions of Travel Insurance policies have changed markedly since the Covid 19 pandemic. Members are strongly advised to carefully review their insurance arrangements to ensure that they are covered for their requirements.

In the interests of protecting members, our hosts and suppliers, participants at residential events must be fully vaccinated against Covid 19, including receiving booster(s) for which they may be eligible. Members who have symptoms of Covid in the 10 days prior to a trip must also have a negative PCR test before coming.

Plant material

MPG organises a great range of tours and garden visits, both in the UK and abroad, giving members the opportunity to see plants in the wild and in cultivation. Members may be tempted to collect seeds or cuttings to try to grow on at home. It is important to be aware that there are strict international rules, including the Nagoya Protocol, covering the collection of material from the wild and permits are generally required. Likewise, material should not be taken from gardens or parks without permission.

MPG does not condone the collection of any plant material from the wild or from public or private gardens visited under our auspices.

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