The seed list is maintained by Chantal Guiraud in Montpellier and is open to members of organisations belonging to Mediterranean Gardening International of which MPG is a member

The list is updated at least twice each year, for spring and September sowing, the latter being particularly recommended for Mediterranean plants. A huge amount of work goes into maintaining the seed exchange.

Please request seed from her as she enjoys sharing the fruits of her labours. We don’t ask you to send in seed when you make an order.

When ordering or donating seeds, ensure that you are complying with local and international regulations and check that your choices do not include plants that could be invasive. Invasive plants, usually introduced by man, can damage local ecosystems and native species and are among the greatest threats to biodiversity.
For more information see the website of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation and the RHS’s advice here.

Sending Seeds

Collect seeds from your garden, clean off any debris, then put each variety in a paper envelope, clearly marked with the name of the plant, the date and the location where the seed was collected. These envelopes should then be placed in a padded envelope and posted to:

Chantal Guiraud
75 rue de la Vieille Poste
34000 Montpellier

Ordering Seeds

When sending or ordering seeds, please indicate in your email or letter, the name of the MGi gardening association to which you belong.
You may order up to 10 packets of seeds each year or 15 packets if you have contributed seed yourself. It is a good idea to add 3 or 4 alternatives to your order in case the ones you want are out of stock. Send your order to Chantal either by post or email.