Mona’s Garden

We visited Mona’s garden in August 2019.  A long garden in the middle of Highgate, one is completely unaware of the treasures she cares for and all brought through the house! The garden is full of plants not only from the Mediterranean but also Australia, South Africa, North and South America – as Mona says, “from all over”. The passion of the gardener is obvious here. Seeing plants delightfully crammed into every possible space one understands her own description of something between “messy and natural”.

Below are some photographs taken on our visit but do visit Mona’s own website for a full description from “the horse’s mouth”.

The steel panel is new this year – the colour represents the rest of the garden
Desfontainia spinosa
Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree)
Initial view of the garden. Everything in the garden came down this way.
Just part of the long garden. The very tactile stone carving on the right is by Steve Buckley.
Beautifully sculpted red cedar by Ed Elliott
Newly planted Woolemi pine
The silver-grey foliage plants are a particular favourite of Mona’s
Trunk of Arbutus
Hedychium in flower