AGM with speaker Mark Brent Dip Hort Kew. MCIH., curator and head of horticulture at Oxford Botanic Garden

Wednesday 12 July at 5.30 for 6pm start on Zoom

The 2023 AGM will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 12 July at 5.30 for 6pm. Voting is to take place electronically via the form below.
We look forward to welcoming you to this annual early evening event for an update on MPG business followed by a lecture with MPG member Mark Brent who is the Curator and Head of Horticulture at Oxford Botanic Garden. Some of you may have met Mark during our visit in summer 2021. His talk is entitled ‘A journey through the Mediterranean with Gardens and plants that have shaped a career in horticulture’. A journey that starts with a traineeship with the Rothschilds via Kew to Cornwall where he was Head Gardener at Lamorran House Gardens for more than twenty years. The design of Lamorran was inspired by the gardens of the Cote D’Azur amongst others. Latterly Mark has moved on to the Oxford Botanic Garden (OBG). We will learn about the newly renovated rock garden at the OBG, an integral part of the plant collection which is based on the travels of John Sibthorp in the 18th century and the book the Flora Graeca. Mark has travelled extensively throughout the Mediterranean during his career.

Only votes cast using the website form below will be counted. There will be no provision during the meeting for registering a vote. The AGM is via Zoom and members who want to attend the meeting and subsequent lecture must register below.

TO BE COUNTED, THIS FORM MUST BE RECEIVED 24 HOURS BEFORE THE AGM – booking and voting will close at 6pm on TUESDAY 11 JULY 2023. The results of the online voting will be announced at the meeting.

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