Gladiolus pappei on a Devon rock garden

Euphorbia pulcherrima

Euphorbia characias seedling

Mediterranean Plants and Gardens lecture day with luncheon

Friday 20 October 2023

RHS Wisley, Surrey GU23 6QB

We are delighted to offer members a lecture day on Friday 20 October at RHS Wisley, Surrey. This promises to be a chance not only to listen to two lectures from specialists in their field talking on our favourite subject – plants but also to meet in person, something that has been missing for many members for a while now.

The day commences with coffee and tea and pastries from 10 am and the first lecture will begin at 11 am.

John Fielding will talk to us about the genus Euphorbia, which is the fourth largest genus of flowering plants and widespread across most continents. They are a particularly notable element throughout the Mediterranean basin and the surrounding mountains. Many of these have found a place in our gardens. In this talk John will illuminate on this very versatile genus.

In the afternoon Julian Sutton will talk to us about ‘Dry-summer Bulbs’. Geophytes – bulbs, corms, and the like – which have important adaptations to seasonal dryness. This is an introduction to their diversity in Mediterranean climates around the world, not just the Mediterranean basin but also the Western Cape and California, along with parts of Chile and Australia. Julian will touch on important bulb habitats in the wild and focus on cultivation techniques for both easy and some very tricky bulbs.

The day will close at around 4pm.

The costs for the day is £54 per person including a three-course lunch with a glass of wine.

Places are limited so please do book early. More information on the timetable for the day will be sent 10 days prior to the event.

The RHS is kindly allowing access free of charge to MPG members for the day, however if you are a member please bring your membership card with you. Please also note that we are being accommodated by the RHS in the Oakwood Room in the Welcome building which has lift access. A condition of use is that members will need to be accompanied in and out of this room as it is housed in the RHS offices area.

Once the lecture day is over at about 4pm members are free to enjoy the RHS garden independently.

Lunch choices

Salt baked beetroot, goat’s cheese with walnuts and pesto (V, FFG)


Pea and mint risotto with sage oil and Parmesan chips (V, FFG, VG available on request)

OR Confit cod fillet, heirloom tomato and garden herb pesto (FFG)


 Sticky toffee pudding

Bookings Closed

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